TODAY is World Backup Day!

Backup Your Data - Disasters happen!

It’s your annual reminder that your data is REALLY important and backing it up is absolutely NECESSARY.

From someone who has lost everything on a computer MORE than once over the last couple of decades, because I was careless – my hard drive failed completely and I had a partial backup, but the rest was lost forever.  Second time my roof blew off, so the computer got wet in a horrible storm. We were unable to save the data and that time it was NOT backed up.
Both times were 100% MY fault, for not being responsible enough to secure and protect my data.
Depending on where you store your data, there are different options. If you use primarily cloud storage such as GDrive, consider a tool like, which works fabulously. I use it for clients and my own Google Drive and Gmail.
If you’re concerned about using cloud storage, choose a good quality external hard drive, that can be stored in a fireproof safe or different location. Personally, I’ve had very good luck with Western Digital and Toshiba .
If you’re ok with cloud storage, there are inexpensive solutions such as, or
Don’t forget the pledge:
The Pledge
“I solemnly swear to backup my important documents and precious memories on March 31st.”
I will also tell my friends and family about World Backup Day – friends don’t let friends go without a backup.
No matter what methods you choose, just trust me – BACKUP YOUR DATA.

Susan Totman

Web Designer & Developer, Small Business Consultant, and Master Virtual Assistant

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