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Will You Vella?

✍🏻 Will You Vella?

Vella was created for serialized content, similar to Wattpad or Radish. The first three chapters are always free, creating the “hook”, and if you’ve written great content, the idea is that readers will want more.
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Backup Your Data - Disasters happen!

TODAY is World Backup Day!

From someone who has lost everything on a computer MORE than once over the last couple of decades, because I was careless - my hard drive failed completely and I had a partial backup, but the rest was lost forever.  Second time my roof blew off, so the computer got wet in a horrible storm.
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Susan Totman on Let Fear Bounce Podcast

Harley Riding Grandma and business owner

Had a wonderful time on the Let Fear Bounce podcast with Kim P Lengling last week. Down to earth, funny, fresh and inspiring, Kim's great fun to chat with - AND she rides a Harley, too! Tune in to hear our discussion about how Virtual Biz Connection came about and where it's going in 2021!
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Wordpress Security

Have a WordPress Site? SECURE IT!

Is your website a WordPress site? This fall seems to have been a field day for WordPress hackers. Even with good security, several of my clients’ sites were hacked. What can you do about it? Realistically, you can’t stop the bad guys. Hackers are a unique group of people hell bent on destroying the work […]
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Keyword rich website content.


Keyword rich content means that your website textual content should have as many of the keywords that you believe people will search for when searching for your product or service. This text should be “rich” with your keywords in context to what you are providing. Do NOT put “hidden” text in your pages. This means […]
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Elite Web Studio, social networking, social media, marketing online.

What is Social Networking and Why Does My Business Need It?

The ‘net has changed the way all of us do business. There is no turning back. It is both exciting and daunting to look back at the incredible speed at which the internet has changed how humans interact and now anyone – including the housewife sitting at home in her jammies sipping coffee at the […]
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